Welcome to Delta Crucis Adevntures

Founded in 2008 by Andre and Marius, the main aim of the group is to grow the awareness of the sport and invest time to introduce adventure seeking individuals to the fantastic world that awaits beneath the surface of the ocean. 

Ever since the establishment of the group, it has rapidly grown with a number of equally adventurous individuals that share the same passion for diving. 

Delta Crucis focusses on sport and technical dive training in association with CMAS-ISA and operates in the Vaal Triangle as a CMAS registered training partner. Due to the costs involved in training, Delta Crucis try to limit costs so that anybody can have opportunity to enjoy the wonderful sport.


Besides for the love of our sub-aquatic adventures, we have to acknowledge the "better-half's" in our lives for their support and allowing us to sometimes push the limits!


Thank you Retha, Wanda, Melene, Miekie and Natasja for all your support and for enjoying the sport with us!


Additional Commercial SCUBA Services Offered:

Besides for normal sport and technical dive training we also do commercial work on request from clients that includes recovery and in water repair dives.  Please contact us to discuss your requirement and obtain pricing.  Pricing is based on a number of factors of which include the value of the item, location and technical complexity.





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Guestbook (a.k.a.) Carlo Meter Reporting Tool

Frank Dos Santos
03/14/2017 12:33:43 PM
Thank you for an amazing, informative and concise training course. I will certainly be going back for the next course